Crew clothing



All of the clothing listed below are team personnel issue only.  These are true collectibles not to be confused with the generic wear that is sometimes available.  We guarantee 100% authenticity of all itmes.  All clothing is embroidered with full logos.

Some pieces are new – most are in very good condition.   These are “THE REAL DEAL”



Marlboro Ferrari

2002 Marlboro Ferrari FILA full tobacco crew shirts

                       Size S,M,XL             $405.00  (photo)

2000 Marlboro Ferrari Hilfiger autographed two piece jacket.
         Hand signed by Michael Schumacher on breast

                                                        $1500.00  (photo)

2000 Tommy Hilfiger Marlboro/Ferrari French GP long sleeve driver polo

                         Size L                       $300.00   (photo)

2000 Ferrari Marlboro TH pit crew 2 piece heavyweight testing jacket. 
        Has a logoed removable vest.  

                           Size S,M,L,XL        $1000.00  (photo)

2001 Marlboro Ferrari Tommy Hilfiger heavyweight goose down crew jacket. Full tobacco

                           Size L                      $1200.00  (photo)

2001 Tommy Hilfiger Marlboro Ferrari lightweight crew jackets. Full tobacco

                          Size L                          $800.00   (photo)

Michael Schumacher signed Schumacher Collection hats from 2002, 2003 and 2004 championship seasons.

                                                       Each $150.00   (photo)

Michael Schumacher signed 2001 DVAG #1 hat.

                                                                 $150.00  (photo)




Players crew hats with the US logo of A Tradition of Excellence with car logo

                                                            $30.00       (photo)

Gray tailored crew sweatshirt with three buttons at neck and denim collar. Full Players logo on chest.

                           Size XL/XXL            $100.00      (photo)

Players crew rain pullovers with pants. Has US car logo and "A Tradition of Excellence" on chest.
        Includes pants with snaps at ankles.

                          Size XL                     $125.00         (photo)

Forsythe crew sweatshirt. Maroon with gold embroidery on chest.

                         Size L                         $25.00           (photo)

Herdez Ford Quaker State

2002 Herdez pit crew dockers travel shirt. Green with Herdez Competition on breast.

                     Size L                          $75.00                (photo)

2002 Herdez pit crew leather travel jacket. Black with Herdez Competition on breast.

                     Size L                          $175.00                (photo)

Patrick Racing

2001 Patrick Racing pit crew polos. Choose gray or mustard color.

                       Size L                             $35.00       (photo)

2001 Patrick Racing Toyota pit crew shirts. White

                       Size L                             $125.00     (photo)


Minardi Ford

99 Minardi Ford Telefonica pit crew shirts from the first four races of 1999.   

                    Size XL/XXL                 $225.00 (photo)

1999 Minard Ford Telefonica crew shirts - late season blue with green top.

                    Size XL                          $225.00   (photo)


Alfa Romero Euroteam & JAS Touring Cars

Alfa Romero JAS crew sweaters - gray

                 Size XL/XXL                 $100.00 (photo)

Alfa Romero Alfacorse pit crew workshop overall

                 Size XL                          $300.00 (photo)


Porsche - Fosters, Quaker State & Lowenbrau


Porsche Quaker State Managers shirt - White with green & gold embroidery. 

                        Size M                         $ 75.00 (photo)

Quaker State Racing Jacket White Top with Green bottom - Embroidered on Front.  

                       Size LG                         $50.00  (photo)



1993 Benetton Camel Ford pit crew shirt with full Camel beast - Silverston GP style.

                  Size M                           $175.00

Benetton Mobil 1 Ford multicolored sweatshirt.

                   Size M                          $25.00     (photo)



Williams Winfield crew sweaters. Red v-neck sweater embroidered on front and back

                   Size L, XL                     $75.00     (photo)

2001 Williams BMW Bogner pit crew shirt. New

                   Size L                             $300.00   (photo)

1997 Williams Renault Rothmans pit crew shirt with full Rothmans tobacco logo

                  Size M                            $200.00

1996/7 Williams Renault crew sweaters from France GP with embroidery on front and back

                   Size L                             $85.00      (photo)

Winfield pit crew polos – red with full tobacco & Williams F1 on chest

                    Size L                            $50.00       (photo)


Walker Motorsports

'96 Valvoline Cummins Craftsman crew shirts - White with blue trim - full logos. 

                Size L                               $150.00  (photo)

Walker/Panasonic/ Mackenzie Pit Crew  Jacket- Blue with green trim - embroidered on front.

                 Size L                              $100.00  (photo)

Mackenzie Motorsports Windbreaker-embroidered with Walker Motorsports to front &back 

                Size L                               $50.00    (photo)

Mackenzie Walker Pit Crew Jacket - Blue With Gray Trim - embroidered front & back. 

                Size L                               $75.00    (photo)


Miscellaneous Crew clothing

2003 Team Johannson Spirit of Racing Sparco pit crew firesuits - triple layer

             Size 60 - XL                       $600       (photo)

BAR Honda pit crew shirt with Look Alike Luky logo

             Size L                                 $150       (photo)

1999 Target Ganassi autographed pit crew shirt.
         Signed by JVasser & JPMontoya with 1996-97-98 CART champions badge.


Jaguar lightweight jacket

              Size L                               $350.00

Jaguar heavyweight anorak

              Size L                               $350.00

Team Lotus Camel travel shirts. White button down with Lotus Camel embroidery on pocket.

               Size S,M                          $75.00     (photo)

Dan Guerny All American Racers winter pit crew jacket. Red with AAR, Toyota, Castrol

               Size M                             $150.00   (photo)

2001 Jordan B&H pit crew shirts. Beautiful - full tobacco - brand new

               Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL      $150.00  (photo)

Jordan 2001 B&H zip neck crew sweatshirts. Yellow with Jordan B&H to front and back. Buzzine bees on sleeves.

               Size M,L                         $85.00    (photo)

Jordan 2001 zip neck crew sweatshirt non tobacco type. Yellow with Jordan on front and back. Buzzin bees on sleeves.

               Size M,L                          $70.00    (photo)

Valvoline Touring Car workshp crew overall

              Size XL                             $250.00 (photo)

PacWest Motorola Nextel blue polos.

               Size L                               $35.00   (photo)

Ford Motorsport pit crew heavy anorak style coat  

                Size L                              $200.00 (photo)


Personal Sponsor Hats


Mercedes Benz sponsor hat. Black with white embroidery

                                                       $35.00   (photo)

Players crew hats with the US logo of car and "A Tradition of Excellance"

                                                        $30.00  (photo)

Mild 7 Benetton Renault Hats:with Mild 7, Benetton, Renault & Flavio Briatorie embroidery   

                                                         $55.00  (photo)

Mild 7 Benetton pit crew hats – royal blue with Mild 7 and silver laurel leaf

                                                         $50.00  (photo)

Benetton Compaq crew hats: navy blue hat with Benetton F1 Racing team & Compaq embroidery 

                                                          $50.00  (photo)

Marlboro- Red with Full Marlboro embroidery - these are the hats that the Marlboro
        Grid Girls wear at all GP’s    

                                                          $35.00  (photo)

Michael Schumacher signed Schumacher Collection hats from 2002, 2003 and 2004 championship seasons.

                                                 Each  $150.00 (photo)

Michael Schumacher signed 2001 DVAG #1 hat.

                                                           $150.00 (photo)

Elf -Total -Fina hats in marine blue with embroidered logo

                                                           $15        (photo)

Marlboro cap from the French GP at Nevers Magny Cours - has red car because of tobacco ban

                                                          $10         (photo)