Body Work


Ferrari 1996 headrest - black with leather Ferrari logo.

                                                        $500.00   (photo)

1999 BAR 001 rear wing endplate autographed by Ricardo Zonta. 

                                                          $400.00  (photo)

Damon Hill 1994 Williams complete safety harness - autographed. 

                                                           $450.00   (photo)

2000 Jaguar R101 Serial number plate with 17 Scrutineer race inspection
stickers mounted on a 18" x 18" piece of carbon fibre - beautifully framed

                                                            $1500.00  (photo)

F-1 Cosworth Benetton Turbo Tail Pipe: polished and set on wooden base with plaque     

                                                             $200.00 (photo)

1998 Damon Hill Jordan B&H rear wing endplate

                                                            $550.00  (photo)

1995 Williams Renault barge board with Sanyo

                                                            $400.00  (photo)

Stewart Grand Prix nose badges with design letters from Stewart GP

                                                            $45.00    (photo)

Niki Lauda 1975 world Champion complete front and rear wing signed by Niki Lauder

Berger-Alboreto Ferrari 1988 Engine cover signed by Berger in 1988

Ferrari 2002 upper front flap part with Bridgestone and Vodafone

                                                             $500.00 (photo)

Ferrari sidepod damage piece with Vodafone and heat shield on rear

                                                             $475.00 (photo)

Arrows engine 10 hole intake

                                                             $125.00 (photo)

Williams Renault 1997 mirrors. Matched set

                                                              $750.00 (photo)

Williams Renault 1996 Damon Hill headrest with Williams and ELF

                                                               $250.00 (photo)

Williams Renault 1994 Damon Hill #0 rear wing endplate

                                                                $800.00 (photo)


CART engine cam covers

1997/98 Toyota Dan Guerney AAR engine cover.

                                                             $350.00  (photo)

Ford Cosworth XB engine cover mounted on oak base with engraved plaque. 

                                                             $450.00  (photo)



F-1 Steering Wheels

Arrows 2001 fully equipped Jos Verstappen steering wheel - totally complete


Lotus 1987 Senna steering wheel - beautifully mounted with COA from Lotus


2000 Eddie Irvine Jaguar fully equipped steering wheel with all screens, buttons, paddles and quick release.
Including Suzuka GP road map.


2000 G. Fisichella/Wurz Benet6ton Renault fully equipped steering wheel


HHFrentzen PROST AP04 fully equipped steering wheel


2000 Jordan B&H fully equipped steering wheel


1999 Damon Hill Jordan B&H fully equipped steering wheel with screens, buttons paddles and quick release


Original Formula One steering wheels available periodically.  Call for details.